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Rhino horn sold as bovid horn, and bovid horn misidentified as rhino horn.


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Illegal Ivory and Old Ivory

How do we stop the poaching? Should we burn our ivory artefacts? These questions will be discussed in an article coming soon.




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Book 'Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin.'

A useful reference book and the only one entirely devoted to the subject of organic gem materials.

Revised edition due at the end of August 2010.

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Welcome to 'Organic Gems'

What are organic gem materials?
Those of plant and animal origin that can be used in jewellery or the decorative arts. The best known are amber and copal, jet, ivory, bone, antler, horn, tortoiseshell, pearl, shell and coral.

What is the information centre?
Organic Gems is the interactive information centre and online reference source devoted to organic gem materials. Articles published cover all aspects of organic gem materials: how to identify them, their uses, their origins, how they are worked, conservation, and much more. Some articles are educational, some are of general interest. You can subscribe FREE.

Is it by experts, or amateurs? Is it advertising something?

Organic Gems is a totally independent enterprise, and does not receive outside backing in any form. It is written entirely by qualified individuals, each one is an expert in his or her subject.

Is it for experts, or amateurs?
Organic Gems is suitable for everyone: gemmmologists, auctioneers, and people who have found Granny's old necklace in a drawer. The articles are easily accessible for anyone and form the ideal reference base on the subject of organics.


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It's so pretty, but is it legal?

A look at the gems of animal origin (for example tortoiseshell, coral and ivory) that we cannot bring back from holiday because they are covered by trade bans.

Is it real amber?

A look at some of the amber fakes on the market today, and what to avoid when buying it.

The Green Amber Myth Does green amber really exist?

Cherry Amber & Vintage Amber Bakelite Does red amber really exist?

Recognising Ivory: elephant, walrus, hippo, narwhal, spermwhale, boar and mammoth ivories.

What is amber? What is copal? What is the difference between these resins?

The Amber v. Copal and 'Green Amber' Controversy. Comments on the differences standpoints.

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